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KAG helps vulnerable people have a say in decisions that affect them and how they live their lives. KAG provides independent advocacy support at no direct cost to these individuals, who have a learning disability or mental health issue. 
We listen to our clients, understand their needs, ensure they are aware of their rights and provide relevant information. Then, we support them in speaking up for themselves or, where this is not possible, we speak for them.

KAG is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) registered charity number 1154696.

KAG Services

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Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy (IMCA)
KAG provides all aspects of the IMCA service across Kingston, Richmond and East Surrey, using our specially qualified staff. The role of the IMCA is contained in the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and is to represent the views, wishes, feelings, beliefs and values of a person who lacks capacity and who has no family or friends who are appropriate and practicable to act on their behalf in specific decisions. There is a statutory duty for an IMCA to be used when a decision is being made on behalf of someone for their serious medical treatment or for a change of accommodation. There is discretionary use of an IMCA if the decision is about safeguarding or a care review. The IMCA role was extended in 2009 with the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS), where it can be authorised for a person to be deprived of their liberty for care and treatment, if this is deemed to be in their best interests following an assessment. In this situation the IMCA is involved during the assessment process and after the authorisation, again if the person lacks capacity and has no family or friends who are appropriate and practicable to consult.
KAG can also provide the Paid Representative Role for the duration of the deprivation of liberty.
Click here for more information. For an IMCA referal form, click either here for a pdf form or here for a Word form.

Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA)
A person has a legal right to an IMHA if they are detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 (as amended 2007) or where particular neurological treatments are proposed. The role of the IMHA is to represent the person on their care, detention and treatment.
KAG provides this service for patients in Richmond and East Surrey.
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Citizen Advocacy
KAG provides citizen advocacy (where a volunteer provides advocacy and support to someone) for people with mental health needs or learning disabilities in Kingston and all of Surrey. A citizen advocate could, for example, work with someone who is moving from a care home to help them decide where they want to move to, or a citizen advocate could go with someone to a fit for work interview to help them with their benefit.
Click here for information about becoming a Citizen Advocate volunteer.

Drug, Alcohol and Addiction Treatment (DAATS)
Independent advocacy is provided by KAG for people in East Surrey with drug, alcohol or addiction problems. The advocate can support someone by representing their views and enabling them to remain on their treatment programme.
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Specialist Advocacy
KAG has over 20 years’ experience of providing advocacy in different ways. As a result we have built up a skills base to provide specialist advocacy. This includes non-instructed advocacy, advocacy for people from ethnic minorities and for refugees, group work and self–advocacy projects.

Self Advocacy Groups
KAG Advocacy and Surrey Disabled People's Partnership support the development of The Surrey Self Advocacy Network to give more people with learning disabilities a voice. In partnership with RAD (Royal Association for Deaf People) two of these groups include people with hearing loss as well as learning disabilities. The groups welcome new members.
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Direct/Crisis Professional Advocacy

A paid advocate supports and represents a person who is in crisis or has a complex issue/s. This service is provided to people in Kingston or Surrey who have mental health issues and/or learning disabilities. For example, a professional advocate might work with someone threatened with eviction by liaising with the housing department on their behalf.
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In-patient Advocacy
This service is provided to patients in psychiatric hospitals.
An advocate will support a patient at ward rounds and help them deal with issues that may affect them during their stay. KAG provides this service for Kingston, Richmond and East Surrey NHS patients.
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Specially commissioned inpatient Advocacy services in Private Hospitals
KAG provides the inpatient advocacy service to private hospitals including Whiteposts and The Priory Roehampton, supporting their patients. For more information on this service please Click here.

Support / Advocacy in Care Homes
KAG has been commissioned by some care homes in Kingston to provide advocacy as an independent voice for their residents. This service is currently provided at Whitegates, at Kingston Care Home and at Fiddlers Green. Click for details.
In Kingston KAG also supports the residents of a SCOPE home to be more involved in the running of their home and their services, by facilitating the residents' regular meetings.

Service User Involvement
KAG supports Richmond service users to ask questions and comment on matters affecting them about services provided by the Local Authority, PCT and Mental Health Trust. For more information, including Xchange and SURG, click here.

Appropriate Adults
An Appropriate Adult is someone who supports a vulnerable detainee when they are being interviewed by the police. The role is set out in the Police and Criminal Evidence Act. KAG provide an Appropriate Adult service for Kingston and Richmond at Kingston Police station and for Merton at Sutton Police station, with a rota of trained volunteers under the supervision of a KAG co-ordinator.
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Spot Purchase Contracts
KAG provide spot purchase advocacy to Housing Associations, Local Authorities etc. We are directly commissioned or our services are purchased by the housing association or local authority for a particular piece of work.
Examples of the work that we have undertaken:
• Researching alternative options as to whether a home needed to close down
• Support during closure of homes
• Supporting the changes from a residential care home to supported living
• Survey of residents about their needs and wishes from a service provider
• Individual advocacy for people involved in court cases.
For more information and a quotation please contact Head Office - Click here for contact information.

Training and Assessment Centre
KAG, in partnership with the British Institute for Learning Disabilities (BILD), is an assessment and training centre for the National Advocacy Qualification.
For more information click here.
KAG also provide training in subjects relating to social care, including Safeguarding and Deprivation of Liberty, the Human Rights Act, the Equalities Act 2010, the Mental Capacity Act and the Mental Health Act.

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